Inductive provides consulting, conception, project management and product management services. My experience of the digital revolution, my curiosity, my versatility and a vision of the current transformations are at your service.

To this end, I do appreciate to know the tools. I also provide engineering services on my familiar technologies.

I finally deliver interactive maps and data visualisations.


Do you consider it would be helpful to have on your side an independant Product Owner ? You consider the right option. I’ve got ideas on what should be a digital product or ecosystem in 2016, and I’m used to adapt myself to every counterpart.

About consulting, I dislike talking about topics with mechanisms not familiar to me. I am a FullStack Engineer. I currently do MEAN Stack (MongoDb, Express, AngularJS, Node.js). I also enjoy a good experience in native mobile. Do you need to reinforcement or a lead ?

Let’s make the exploration of your datas, your wealth in this XXIth century, a pleasure, a game. Abstraction, D3.js development, Interactive Mapping, consulting, CartoDb, MapBox…

Contactez-moi : +33 4 76 51 28 35 ou